Over the past 40 years, several thousand published research studies have documented the effectiveness of ABA across a wide range of:

  • populations (children and adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities and learning disorders)
  • interventionists (parents, teachers and staff)
  • settings (schools, homes, institutions, group homes, hospitals and business offices), and
  • behaviors (language; social, academic, leisure and functional life skills; aggression, selfinjury, oppositional and stereotyped behaviors)

ABA is the only FDA approved treatment for autism. ABA encourages positive behaviors and discourages negative behaviors. In addition, ABA teaches new skills and applies those skills to new situations.

ABA is the process of systematically applying interventions based upon the principles of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful degree, and to demonstrate that the interventions employed are responsible for the improvement in behavior. Over the past 40 years, several thousand published research studies have documented the effectiveness of ABA.

ABA can cost $30,000 to $100,000 per year, and only some medical insurance companies cover the cost, and for individuals ten years and older, the amount is capped at $36,000 annually.

(Baer, Wolf & Risley, 1968; Sulzer-Azaroff & Mayer, 1991).

One in 42 children in Katy has been identified with
an autism spectrum disorder;

share the hope.
ABA is the only FDA approved treatment for autism. 

ABA encourages positive behaviors and discourages negative behaviors. In addition, ABA teaches new skills and applies those skills to new situations

Applied Behavior Analysis: 

ABA Professional Services, LLC
Jeff Enzinna, BCBA
1710 Pitts Road
Richmond, TX 77404-1347
Email: jeff@abaprofessionals.com


Mr. Enzinna is a licensed psychological associate and Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 30 years experience. He provides individualized, high quality, expert services in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Direct client services are provided as well as systems evaluation/development. ABA Professional Services, LLC is the contact for families, schools, and organizations to learn more about providing ABA treatment

ABA Therapy of Houston, Inc.

460 Park Grove Drive
Katy, TX 77450

Camille Adams, LPC-S, BCBA, Executive Director
Kasey Heffernan, BCBA, Director of Behavioral Services
- In-home ABA therapy (areas serviced include: Katy, Richmond, and Fulshear)
- Office-based ABA therapy in Katy
- Parent Skills Training
- ABA Assessments
- Partnerships with other clinical service providers

Autism (& Related Disorders) Response Team
Lisa Mousselli, MA, BCBA
Dr. Ali Sadghi, PsyD, BCBA-D
Autism Response Team Model of ABA-coordinated management of care (ART-CMC) involves a concerted effort to integrate the work of general physicians, developmental pediatrics, pediatricians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists as well as teachers. Patient's care is viewed as a multidisciplinary work. 

Behavior TLC Clear Lake Location 
Lourdes Barrachina-Lemus M.A., BCBA & Clinic Director (email:Lbarrachina@behaviortlc.com)
1001 Pineloch Drive, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77062

Behavior TLC NW/Cypress location: 
Jennifer Perry M.A., BCBA & Clinic Director (email: Jperry@behaviortlc.com)
11240 FM 1960 Road West, Suite 209 
Houston, TX 77065
Email: info@behaviortlc.com
Emal: info@behaviortlc.com
Behavior Therapy and Learning Center (Behavior TLC) is owned and operated by two Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) dedicated to providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. They serve children through adults with developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, and chromosome disorders. Applied behavior analysis offers treatment for increasing academic skills, social skills, self-help skills, motor skills, and decreasing problem behavior. Most insurance plans cover ABA therapy for people on the autism spectrum. They provide consultation to families and individuals in the Clear Lake area, West and Northwest Houston. Behavior TLC provides clinic and in-home based behavioral services, consultation, social skills groups, and training for teachers and parents. Each of our BCBAs has been providing behavior analytic services in the greater Houston area for several years. Our experiences have included providing ABA services in public and private schools, in clinical settings, at day habilitation centers, on university campuses, and to families at home and in the community. They are currently enrolling for Club TLC (our social skills group). All of our highly trained staff are credentialed through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board or are in pursuit of their certification. Contact us for more information or to schedule your free initial consultation.Opened a new center at FM 1960 just past Jones Road in 2014.

C.A.P.A. Autism Consulting
Relationship Developmental Intervention Program (RDI®)
Claudia Perez-Andreessen

A private practice in Katy that utilizes the Relationship Developmental Intervention Program (RDI®) as a family focused treatment for developmental disabilities. They help families create a remediation program customized to help their child overcome the core cognitive, social, communication and emotional deficits that limit the lives of individuals with neuro-developmental disabilities, including autism.

Collaborative Autism Resources and Education (L.L.C.) 
Toni Ventrella, Director of Operations
CARE is a national organization with locations in Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Florida and Colorado. They provide in-home and community-based ABA programming to individuals on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities. CARE also provides a variety of in-school training and consulting services. Sign up for their newsletter to stay informed of events and workshops in the area.

Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Dr. Dorothea Lerman, Director and UH-Clear Lake Professor of Psychology
University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX, 77058
The UHCL Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities is comprised of faculty and students in the Behavior Analysis, School Psychology and Early Childhood Education graduate programs. Services provided: Autism Assessment Services,Severe Behavior Disorders Research Clinic, and Verbal Behavior Clinic. They offer a speaker series. 
Email: lerman@uhcl.edu

Cole Academy
JoAnna Jones, BCBA, Clinic Director
Cole Health is a family of companies including Cole Pediatric Therapy, Cole Academy an Applied Behavior Analysis practice and Cole Rehabilitation. Through these divisions, Cole Health provides speech therapy, occupational therpay, physical therapy and now Cole Academy provides ABA. We collaborate as a team with the physician, family and team of clinicians to develop a "Patient First" plan of care utilizing the most advanced medical protocol in the industry to drive the best possible outcomes. 

Janelle Coleman, M.Ed., BCBA
Janellewcoleman@yahoo.com or 832-715-7477
Provides in-home ABA therapy during after school hours, and anytime during the summer months. Accepts a variety of insurance plans.

Megan Crosby, M.Ed., BCBA
BCBA with over 10 years experience working with children on the autism spectrum. Megan’s younger brother was diagnosed PDD-NOS when she was 12 years old and was involved in daily programming with him. She is a former special education teacher, providing academic tutoring for elementary-aged students. Provides assessment and in-home ABA therapy to clients in the Katy, Copperfield and surrounding areas. She can be contacted at 832-245-5467.

Alexandra Edward, M.A., BCBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
E-mail: aedward@gmx.com
Phone: 832-680-7861
Website:  www.vursatyle.com
11 plus years of experience providing revolutionary solutions for behavior management, skill acquisition, replacement behavior, academic tutoring, and social skills development. This also includes training and supervision.  My expertise is with teaching individuals replacement behaviors in lieu of problem behaviors.  My concentration lies with youth; however I provide services to all ages and abilities.  I have extensive experience applying the principals of applied behavior analysis to individuals with autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.  I am also bilingual (English and Spanish). Services provided: In-home Applied behavior analysis therapy primarily in the Katy/Cinco Ranch area, however; would also be open to traveling to Sugar Land, Pearland and the surrounding areas of Houston, TX.

Excel ABA, LLC

Charles Peterson, MA, BCBA
21398 Provincial Blvd.
Houston, TX 77450
Email: charles@excelaba.com
Service area: Houston, Katy and surrounding communities. Services: In-home ABA, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), caregiver training, social skills, school consultation, BACB supervision. 

Extraordinary Abilities
5109 E 5th Street
Katy, TX 77493
Extraordinary Abilities, LLC  specializes in treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Delays. We use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach verbal behavior, social skills, independent living skills and problem behavior reduction. We provide in home, in clinic therapy as well as community based services.  They have a team of BCBAs and Registered Behavior Technicians is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families struggling with Autism and related disorders. In network with BCBS, Magellan and Community Choice.

Mindy R. Day M.A., BCBA, Director
1416 Campbell Road, Suite 101
Houston, TX 77055
Email: mindyrday@houstonaba.com
Houston ABA provides a range of services for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The goal of Houston ABA is to reach the lives of children cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically by providing applied behavior analytic, shadowing, behavior support, social skills, and BCBA/BCaBA supervision services to families in the Houston area. In addition to in-home therapy, we also provide ABA therapy at our new clinic.

Including Kids, Inc. 
Jennifer Dantzler, M.S. Ed., BCBA
5364 FM1960 East
Humble, TX 77346, 281-852-0501
Full time and part time ABA school provides educational and therapeutic instruction using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis for children with autism and other related developmental delays.

Learning Continuum
Frank Carle, BCBA, Director of Clinical Services. Frank’s email/phone: frankc@LCABA.com832-370-3091
Candice Floyd, BCaBA, Director of Programming. Candice’s email/phone: candicef@LCABA.com832-508-4049
Website: http://www.lcaba.com/
Summary of Texas State Insurance Mandate & list of insurance plans accepted: http://www.lcaba.com/insurance-information.html
Learning Continuum is dedicated to the delivery of highly effective treatments for individuals with autism and developmental delays from early childhood onward with the overarching mission of obtaining positive growth for our clients and families.

In-home services:

  • Treatment progress meetings
  • Community outings
  • School support
  • ABA instruction for families

Consultation services:

  • ABA instruction for public and private schools
  • FBA and behavior support for schools


Lone Star Association for Behavior Analysis (LSABA) 
Ellen Catoe, MS, BCBA
4910 Airport Avenue, Bldg. F.
Rosenberg, TX 77471
Serves the Houston area in Texas, LSABA is proud to be a new ABAI chapter, with a rapidly-growing membership of professionals and educators who are dedicated to promoting Applied Behavior Analysis, the importance of professional Board Certification, and to serving needs within the Houston area.

Harris Center/MHMRA Harris County 
3737 Dacoma
Houston, Texas 77092
The Skills Intervention Program (Skip) utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques such as discrete trial teaching, positive reinforcement, and extensive data collection to increase the students' skills set. Each therapist is trained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) on how to implement the ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills), lead structured group activities, and provide effective one-on-one instructional time. ABA-SkIP is designed for children ages 3 - 10 years old with autism or developmental disabilities and delays in language, motor skills, academic skills, play skills, as well as, inappropriate classroom behaviors.

Diana Mulder
ABA Behavior Therapist
Momentum ABA

Positive Behavior Supports, Corp.
Andrea Murray, MA, BCBA
Analyst - Houston, Texas
1-855-832-6727 ext: 1234
Email: AMurray@TeamPBS.com
Positive behavior support is an individualized, research-based process that incorporates the principles of applied behavior analysis and person and family-centered practices. The overarching goal is to produce lasting changes in thequality of life of the people we serve. It involves conducting a comprehensive assessment to develop interventions in collaboration with family members, educators, direct services providers, and others caring for the individual. Covering the States of Florida, Texas, and California.

Shaping Success, LLC
Brianne Downing, BCBA
In-home behavioral solutions. BCBA is based in Sugar Land area offering in-home services to children on the autism spectrum. 

Spectacular Kids ABA Therapy and Consulting, LLC
Dana Harris, M.A., BCBA
Executive Director
Robyn Sikes-Dukehart
Business Manager
3059 Woodlands Hills Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339
713-370-0522 ext-208
They provide quality ABA services to children between the age of diagnosis to 10 years of age. They have a strong passion for helping each child reach their maximum potential, and take pride in working very closely with families and staff to ensure seamless implementation of each child’s individualized treatment plan. Speech and Psychotherapy services also available. Dana Harris also provides trainings and workshops to parents, caregivers, day cares, teachers, and other educational and therapy providers on ABA principles and strategies. Training topics include, but are not limited to: Reinforcement, Potty Training, Managing Problem Behaviors, Classroom Safety, Insurance issues and Staff Training.

Spectrum of Hope, LLC
Main Campus
11820-B Cypress Corner Lane
Houston, TX 77065
Adolescent Center
11420 Cypress Creek Blvd.
Cypress, TX 77429
Spectrum of Hope is Houston’s leading Health and Behavior Intervention & Applied Behavior Analysis treatment center. They treat children, adolescents and young adults who’ve been diagnosed with language, communication, behavioral and developmental disorders, delays and syndromes such as Autism Spectrum Disorders. They offer a feeding clinic for everything from picky eaters to those that have very severe food refusals. They also offer skills and behavior assessments. Clinical psychologists and a speech pathologist are on staff along with several BACB certified staff members. Please visit their website to learn more.

Steps To Progress 
Ruth Pierce
3055 S. Gessner, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77063
They provide center-based & in-home services using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They provide in home services to children in the Houston area and surrounding communities, including Katy, Cypress, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Spring, Pearland, and other locations. Summer camp social skills groups, call for details.

Tangible Difference Learning Center

Michael Conteh CEO, BCBA, M.Ed


290 Northwest Fwy location: 7010 NW 100 Dr. Suite B-104, Houston TX 77092

Office: 713-993-7554

Katy location: 1635 S. Fry Rd, Katy TX 77450

Office: 281-616-8075

Sugar Land location: 8895 West Bellfort St, Sugar Land TX 77031

Their center offers in-center, one-on-one intensive ABA therapy to children ages 2-10. They have a 3-Phase Program that prepares a child to enter mainstream or special education schools. The ultimate goal of their 3-Phase Program is to teach the child to naturally learn from his/her environment. Between ABA, Social Skills classes, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, they provide the resources necessary to best help your family. You no longer need to drive all over Houston to receive effective treatment! They are also able to incorporate goals from social skills classes and speech therapy into ABA sessions, and their professional staff works together to make sure that each child's treatment is cohesive and consistent. Call today for more information or to schedule a tour at one of our 3 locations!


Teach Me In Autism 
Gina Mouser, M.Ed. Special Education/Autism Intervention, Autism Consultant
Contact ginaam@sbcglobal.net or (713) 849-5993

  • With emphasis on the Non-verbal individual
  • Master – Special Education/Autism Intervention
  • University Of North Texas
  • Certificates in ABA and verbal behavior
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Parent Training
  • Staff training
  • Behavior Management
  • Functional communication
  • Socialization and Play Skills
  • Academics
  • Adaptive and Life Skills
  • Evidence-Based Interventions including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Innovative Teaching Techniques
  • Speech devices/protocols (Dynavox, iPad Proloquo2go)

Texana Specialzed Services
4910 Airport Avenue, Bldg. F
Rosenberg, TX 77471
One on one intenstive Applied Behavior Analysis. Autism day treatment, outreach program, short term residential, ECI and service eligibility determination services. 

Texas Young Autism Day Treatment Center
Gerald Harris, Ph.D., BCBA
3730 Kirby, Suite 540
Houston, TX 77098
535 Pin Oak Road
Katy, TX 77494
Texas Young Autism Day Treatment Center also has an in-home therapy program. Offers psychological and achievement testing and evaluations. 

The Learning Lane
Melissa Kotarski, MS, M.Ed, BCBA
Clinical Director

25232 Grogan's Park Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77380, 281-465-3519
The Learning Lane is a center for children on the Autism Spectrum and Language Delays. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to learning using the principles of ABA.

Therapy and Beyond of Houston, LLC
Christine Enzinna, BCBA
Regional Director
They provide individualized, high quality, expert services in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Direct client services are provided as well as systems evaluation/development. 

The Reason for HOPE
2225 County Road 90, Suite 107
Pearland, Texas 77584


1842 West Main
League City, Texas 77573
ABA, speech and OT services provided. Summer camps. Accepts insurance, call to find out which plans are accepted.

Trumpet Behavioral Health
Trumpet Behavioral Health provides ABA therapy for Autism and other disorders with challenging behaviors. They offer consultingeducation, and training for parents, educators, and healthcare professionals. Our highly skilled, passionate staff and Board Certified consultants work hard to provide the best possible behavior management outcomes.

Cypress Location:
15703 Longenbaugh Drive
Suite H
Houston, TX 77095

Pearland Location:
South Houston
6516 Broadway
Suite 112
Pearland, TX 77581

The Shape of Behavior Day Learning Center 
Main: 832-358-2655 or 866-437-2165
Email: info@shapeofbehavior.com
ABA, health and behavioral therapy, social skills, summer programs. Workshops for parents, care-givers, teachers, etc.

Verbal Behavior Clinics of Texas, LLC. three locations
Susan McClure, Director
1016 West Alabama Street, Museum District, Houston, TX  77006, 713-528-2343
902 FM 518, Kemah, Texas 77565, 281-334-6615 
106 Pecan Drive, Friendswood TX  77546
They offer early intensive behavioral interventions in the child's natural environment of home or small group preschool settings. Typically developing peers are included in their preschool & Play Groups as models of use of language and play skills. Developing verbal skills leads to key pivotal "self regulation" with diminished aggression/tantrums & increase in awareness & motivation to learn social skills. They employ the ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP Protocol of Dr. Mark Sundberg for assessment & curriculum design. Functional Assessments (FA) and school consultations are available.Serves children ages 2yr - 10yr of age who are on the autism spectrum of disorders, PDD, AD/HD, oppositional defiant disorder, and typically-developing children with language, social skill deficit and/or are emotionally immature & not ready for school. Art Therapy and Animal-assisted Therapy are provided. We offer Play Groups and summer day camps.

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